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P29 Antibacterial Copper Mask

₱450.00 Regular price

This premium face mask contains a high-tech patented protective copper coating, protecting you against viruses and bacteria. This mask is brought to you from South Korea, the leaders in the fight against COVID-19.

Each mask is delivered in an individual sterilized package, ensuring 100% safety from manufacture to end use.

Best Protection For You And Your Loved Ones

Reusable – Comfortable – Antiviral & Antibacterial

The P29 Copper Mask acts as your shield to the world, giving you peace of mind as you get on with living your life.

Its innovative technology prevents a large number of viruses as well as 99% of microbes and bacteria.

Safety Information

Each mask is delivered in an individual sterilised package, ensuring 100% safety from manufacturer to end use. It is Important that the mask is washed in cold water only, with no use of detergent or bleach. This protects the copper ions that actively kill viruses and bacteria.

First Use

To protect the mask, an antibacterial spray is applied before packing, so you may want to wash the mask before use to rid the product of any odour from the antibacterial coating. 

Care & washing

Use gentle soap, if you feel it is necessary. You can even soak gently in cold water. Please store the mask in original packaging as its pouch is Anti-bacterial as well. Air-dry the product. The copper protection and the material may begin to wear after 50 washes.