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Ekar Gravel Saddle Mudguard

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Since 2014, all Ass Saver saddle mudguards can be fitted by hooking onto the front section only of the saddle rail, in front of the seat post attachment.
The advantage of this solution lies in the greater uniformity of this part of the saddle, which translates into much greater compatibility for the mudguard with more types of saddle.

Fixing the mudguard to this part also allows for self-centering: the mudguard will return to the correct central position if it is accidentally knocked. This is a key innovation for saddle mudguards and is protected by patent no. WO2015036127.

Using the origami principle, patented FLIP-TIP™ technology allows you to securely fasten the mudguard to the saddle with a simple flip of the tip, just like a cycling cap. To unlock, just flip the tip down and pull towards the back wheel. FLIP-TIP™ technology is completely compatible with all types of saddle rails including those in carbon.

The new Ass Saver mudguard is much simpler to install than previous models, even with an undersaddle bag. The secret that turns a simple piece of plastic into an excellent mudguard lies in how you fold it before use. All the fold lines have been engineered carefully to allow the blocking mechanism and self-centering to work by fully exploiting the elastic load and resistance of the materials. For optimum results, we ask you to kindly read the instructions and watch the fitting video carefully.

  • Measurements: 380x102 mm
  • Weight: 19 g
  • Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)